Fall/Winter Home Maintenance

home maintenance

It’s no secret that proper home maintenance can save you the headache and expense of emergency repairs, but it can also help your home to hold or increase its value. Nobody wants to buy a home that has become run-down. It’s important to keep things in good working order. Here is a checklist for things to do in the fall to maintain your home.

In the crawl space and basement, check for signs of mold or water damage. If any is found, eliminate the source and clean it up. Also check for any signs of rodents or insects. Repair any damage caused by rodents and insects, seal openings as needed and treat for any infestations.

Inspect around the exterior of the house and all wood framing for the presence of termites and treat if needed.

Check all the windows. Repair or replace cracked or broken windows. Check the caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors. Reapply caulk and weatherstripping where it s damaged or worn away. Not only is this good for home value, it will potential save you money on your heating bill! Also check interior walls and floors for termite damage. If any termite damage is spotted, treat for them or call a professional who does that.

Check your gutters and downspouts, making sure that they are still properly attached to the house, and that they are clear of any debris. Check the attic for signs of leaking. Add insulation to the attic to lower heating bills. Have furnace and chimney inspected BEFORE you need to use them.

Check the roof for any loose flashing, missing or broken shingles and make repairs as needed.

Trim any tree branches that hang over the house. Any freezing rain or sleet could weigh them down enough to break them. You don’t want a tree falling onto your roof!

Lastly, thoroughly clean your dryer vent and your vent hood above the stove. The dryer vent, especially is a major cause of house fires when it is not properly cleaned.

You can get a printable home maintenance checklist from our Lincoln County Extension website. Do these tasks now, before it gets too cold! You’ll thank me when your winter is surprise free! Or maybe you won’t, because things will go so smoothly you won’t even think about it!


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