College Toolkit

This week kids are starting back to classes at Oklahoma State University. (I am too, but it’s just not the same when you’re only enrolled in one class and you own your own house in another town.) It really makes me nostalgic for my first days at OSU. It was ten years ago that I was just starting out as a Cowboy. I transferred in as a junior from Rose State College.

In my four years of full-time undergraduate school, I never lived in a dorm room. I spent my first two years in an apartment with my twin sister, and the next two in an apartment with non-family roommates. In all that time, I never had any tools. I was thinking about that last night. One time, I had to borrow a screw driver because the CD tray on my 3-disc changer stereo (I know, old) had gotten off the track and would not close. I also remember actually using a high-heeled boot as a hammer to hang a picture in my room!


If you are reading this and you have a young family member or friend who is just starting college, or moving into their first apartment, give them the gift of a toolkit. After buying our first house, my husband was always putting tools where I could not find them- like the cargo area of his car. I finally broke down and bought my very own toolkit. It has a small hammer, two screwdrivers (phillip’s head and flat) a socket set, a small wrench, pliers, a tape measure, and a box blade. The whole shebang zips up into a neat little pink bag. It’s so me! Most college students won’t need a full toolkit. I have never once used the socket set or the box blade in my toolkit, and I rarely use the tape measure.

Here’s my list for the Essential College Toolkit:

Small Hammer
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Flat Head Screwdrivier
Multitool (optional)

You could purchase a nifty kit already put together, or you could just buy the essential pieces and make your own kit.  I suggest checking prices of the 4 individual pieces listed above and comparing those to the price of a ready-made kit. These tool kits would make great gifts for high school seniors entering college, house-warming, or wedding gifts! If you choose to make your own, be sure to buy some sort of caddy to store the tools. You could use an actual toolbox, a heavy shower caddy, or a shaving bag.

A toolkit is not exactly an exciting gift, but it is practical and would be used a lot. What kind of practical gifts do you like to give?


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