Foodie Friday: Menu Planning


Do you menu plan? I started doing this about seven years ago. I was still a newlywed and I was a young professional woman who didn’t have a lot of time to shop and cook. I worked weird hours at a hotel in downtown OKC and grocery shopping was my very least favorite thing to do. After one of my dreaded shopping trips, I was pouting about how much money I had spent when I realized we still didn’t have anything to eat for dinner! After that I decided I better start planning our meals and I have never looked back.

Over the years I have gotten better at meal planning (thank you Pinterest!) and I wanted to share next week’s menu with you:

Oven fried chicken
Sliced tomatoes
Green beans

Bruschetta Salmon (just pan seared salmon topped with a mixture of halved cherry tomatoes, basil ribbons, garlic, salt, and balsamic vinegar)
Texas toast
Southern Tossed Salad
** I had an out-of-this-world side salad at a restaurant in OKC, and have been recreating it at home: mixed greens, strips of red bell pepper, thinly sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cornbread croutons (I will use leftover cornbread from Monday)  all tossed in blue cheese dressing

Spaghetti in meat sauce
Texas toast
Caesar salad

Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

WafflesFruit salad
Sausage patties

I’m getting hungry already! I hope this inspires you to start menu planning or to get out of a menu planning rut!


2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Menu Planning

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