Valentine’s Day With Kids

It goes without saying that once you have kids, things change. Life changes. One of those changes is Valentine’s Day. My husband has never been into V-Day, so the change in my life was not drastic, but last year I wanted to do something special for my daughter who was then two-years-old. I decided to make chocolate pancakes. Not chocolate chip, but chocolate batter pancakes. I found a recipe on Pinterest, which was a complete disaster!

I have a college degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. I consider myself a “foodie” and a pretty good cook.  These pancakes were awful. This year I plan to redeem myself… but I will not be making chocolate pancakes again!

A big breakfast hit in our house has been what Amelia dearly calls “bunny sandwiches,” which is actually not a sandwich at all.  Last year I used a bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut a piece of buttered sandwich bread, placed the bread buttered side down in a hot skillet and cracked an egg into the hole.  I cooked it a few minutes, flipped it over, and cooked it until the yolk was solid (because I do not like over easy eggs).  That would be really cute done with a heart shaped cookie cutter.


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Another idea would be to place the heart shaped cookie cutters (metal or heat resistant) directly in the skillet or on the griddle, pour regular pancake batter into them and have heart shaped pancakes.  Top these with strawberries and vanilla flavored yogurt for a more balanced breakfast!  I also saw an already cooked pancake with a heart cut-out and the hole was filled with blueberries.  Yum.


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For parents who do not have a lot of time in the mornings, here’s an idea you can do the night before: unroll refrigerator cinnamon rolls, then roll from both ends to make a heart shape.  Put in a baking dish and cover with plastic wrap in the fridge over night.  Pop them in the oven (following package directions) when you first wake up in the morning so they can bake while you get ready for work/school.


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Small children will love their heart shaped breakfast foods!


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